Saltpeter – The Witcher 3 Guide


Saltpeter – The Witcher 3 Guide

Saltpeter is an Alchemy ingredient that is primarily used in the crafting of

The Witcher 3 Monster Contract Guide: Lord of the Wood

It really doesn’t pay to be a side character in The Witcher 3. At least, it didn’t for the victims of the Lord of the Wood, a fearsome monster that made kindling out of the poor lumberjacks in the forest right outside of Novigrad. Here’s how to avenge them.

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How To Find Saltpeter For Bombs – The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Where to find saltpeter for making alchemy bombs in the witcher 3 wild hunt

Where to find Saltpeter in the Witcher 3

If you are in White Orchard and are wondering where to find saltpeter to make your bombs my video will show you where to find the saltpeter and how to make the grapeshot bomb to defeat the Griffin.

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Witcher 3 where to find saltpeter

Witcher 3 where to find saltpeter.

Witcher 3:

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