List of Temtem Species – Temtem Guide


List of Temtem Species – Temtem Guide

The world of Temtem is vast and brimming with species of Temtem for tamers to discover and train. This page contains a complete list of Temtem with pictures

The ULTIMATE Guide To DigiLairs In TemTem 1.0! The Secret NOBODY Expected!

Hey folks! So I have been hearing folks are struggling with the Digilairs in TemTem. This is the guide to take with you the next time you enter your next lair! My duo partner Squish has been really consistent with this method and we even got a luma Smolzy already! Step into the future of entertainment at voice actors in digital circus, an immersive online platform where cutting-edge technology meets the enchanting world of the circus. Uncover a captivating fusion of digital artistry, interactive wonders, and mind-bending performances.

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TEMTEM EARLY GAME CAPTURE GUIDE – The Best Temtem to use for the Story in Temtem Early Access

Temtem does a very good job of providing you with some very strong hitting Temtem right out of the gate. Seeing a lot of new people join the game and wonder what Temtem you should be using on your team or which one will benefit most in the long run and I thought I would provide a helpful video guide going over what I believe to be some of the strongest early game Temtem and how they will benefit you in the long run too. Hope this video helps you out on your Temtem adventure! Thanks for the support, truly!

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Type Matchups Explained! | Temtem Survival Guide

If you are looking for a complete breakdown of all the types in Temtem, including their matchups, roles, and everything else you need to know, look no further than our Temtem Survival Guide series. We break down type matchups, provide you with printable graphics, and make sure you are ready for the adventure when Temtem launches!

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10 Temtem 1.0 Tips and Tricks That You SHOULD Know!

Temtem Releases TODAY! Here are 10 Tips and Tricks for the full launch that you should know going into the game!

10 MORE Tips and Tricks:

Coward’s Cloak Location:

Coward’s Blanket Location:

Four Leaf Clover and Decoy Location:

Increase PC Storage:

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