Albinauric Staff – Elden Ring Guide


Albinauric Staff – Elden Ring Guide

The Albinauric Staff is one of the glintstone staff Weapons in Elden

Elden Ring – Where to find Albinauric Mask, Albinauric Staff and Great Omenkiller Cleaver

Current level- 147
Enemy difficulty will vary depending on level.

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ELDEN RING Albinauric Staff Location

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Where to find Albinauric Staff – Elden Ring Guide

I am on a personal quest to catalogue where to find every item in Elden Ring. I hope it helps you, and I will have more guides soon.

The REAL Best Glintstone Staff (with math) Elden Ring

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An in-depth explanation relevant to PVE and even more important for PVP especially at level 125/150 for Elden Ring. Hopefully, this video will shine light on which Glintstone Staff is the best for your build with calculations! This guide is dedicated to using a single staff, NOT DUAL WIELDING. I’ve seen mentions of the Staff of Loss! I know about the combo. The dual wield staff discussion will come soon with some surprise combos and a spreadsheet that will help you min-max your staff of choice!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Looks like the wiki is wrong and glintblade staff doesn’t buff Loretta’s Greatbow/Mastery!
ALSO: YES. You’re right. With the infinite FP flask, Lusat’s is indeed the best staff (assuming you’re not overleveled to the point where Prince of Death does more than Lusat’s).

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The Sacred Seals Guide:
Dual Wield Staff Guide (Part 2 of Glintstone Staff Guide):
This video also includes instructions for the new and improved catalyst calculator (1.04) + spell calculator.

0:00 Basic Information
1:03 Table for 60 Intelligence
3:59 Table for 70 Intelligence
4:25 Table for 80 Intelligence
4:39 Lusat Analysis
7:09 Azur’s Glintstone
8:31 Table for 99 Intelligence
8:44 Staff Bonuses
9:41 Carian Glintstone Staff
10:25 Carian Glintblade Staff
11:53 Hybrid Staves
13:43 Summary

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