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This is my gaming domain, one-sky.org. All of my gaming-related fansites and fanlistings can be found there, so head on over! Includes my extensive shrines to the Cloud/Yuffie and Balthier/Penelo pairings of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XII respectively.

Macabre Clinic

This is my writings website. You'll find lots of fanfics, a few original stories, anime reviews, and some other written junk here.

Pirate Love

This is a rather huge collection of shrines devoted to almost all of the het pairing possibilities of One Piece. This started when I decided to make a shrine to my all-time favorite pairing, LuffyxNami. But I soon realized that I liked all the het pairings in One Piece. Thus, this project was born. I admit that it is currently in sore need of an update (and a layout that doesn't suck, this one came before I had Photoshop XD). But there's a LOT of content here. You can find fanart, fanfiction, icons/avatars, wallpapers, links, essays, and rather detailed lists of "moments" (or rather, evidence) for each pairing. With a total of thirteen pairings featured, that's a lot of stuff. More pairings to come in the future.

Mad Prince

This is my loving tribute to the very awesome character Mad Prince Seeu of the somewhat obscure shoujo manga series Planet Ladder. This series is criminally neglected by manga readers, as it was one of the earlier titles in Tokyopop's "100% Authentic Manga" line. Add in that Planet Ladder is in general very confusing at first and you get a series often overlooked. Anyway, Seeu stuck out to me because he is quite possibly the most tragic figure I've seen in shoujo. Regardless, the shrine features a large gallery I scanned myself (featuring colored images not found anywhere else, to my knowledge), a large fanart gallery, fanfiction, icons, wallpapers, and detailed information. The site also includes the Fanlisting approved by animefanlistings.org!

Demons of Cheju

This is a general shrine to the Korean comic series (also known as manwha) Island. This is easily the best story in comic form I have ever read, and I am deeply saddened by the fact that almost no one knows it exists. It was the first Korean series released by Tokyopop (as far as I know, it was the first Korean comic released in the U.S. period) and features gorgeous art and a historically, morally poignant story set in a fascinating horror backdrop. This site is my way of paying respects to this lovely story (and hoping to spread the word of its existance). It features in-depth character profiles, information, an image gallery, and a comprehensive links list. Also a VERY few fanworks. The site also features the Fanlisting approved by thefanlistings.org!

These are the various sites and fanlistings hosted on C-c.com that are owned and maintained by some of my dear friends. Be sure to check them out!

Snare Approves

This is a nice fanfiction recommendation site dedicating to pointing out some of the best fanfics on the web. Made by Snare-chan.


This is the approved fanlisting for the relationship between Piro and Kimiko from the comic series MegaTokyo. Made by Bunny-Chan.

Let's Dance!

This is the approved fanlisting for the relationship between Link and Din from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Made by Bunny-Chan.

Indecent Exposure

This is the approved fanlisting for the Kingdom Hearts fanfiction author Ohh Kiss. Made by Bunny-Chan.

Wings of Sorrow

This is a Malice Mizer fansite with lots of info, images, lyrics, links, and other interesting things. Made by Jeremy.