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Sasori is an interesting villain in Naruto who uses puppet jutsu (similar to that of Kankuro, for those following the English release of the anime/manga). Sasori is a member of the organization "Akatsuki" and his partner is Deidara. Together, the two of them kidnap Gaara in the later part of the series. What makes Sasori so interesting is that he first appears as a somewhat grotesque-looking creature that resembles a scorpion (the word "Sasori" means scorpion, by the way), but his true form is that of the young boy you see in the image above. And although Sasori looks young, he is actually rather old. I personally find Sasori intriguing because of his fascination with dolls, puppets, and the eternal beauty they represent to him. Being a lover of dolls and puppets myself, I found myself relating to him. There's also the fact that I love gore, and his explained method of converting humans into puppets is quite a treat for any gore fan! But going beyond that, there seems to be a certain loneliness to Sasori that feeds his obsession with puppets, which he views as essentially people who last forever. People who cannot leave him or betray him.

Haruno Sakura is a lovely young female ninja. She is one of the three main characters in the series. In the beginning, she was decidedly weak, insecure, and annoying. Supposedly the creator intended for her to be unlikable in the beginning of the story. But gradually Sakura grows into a much more understandable character as we are given more insight into her thoughts and feelings. Sadly, many fans still judge her by her initial personality and fail to see what a wonderful character she has become. Particularly in the later parts of the story, Sakura becomes an unbelievably powerful ninja who no longer relies on the male characters to support her. In my honest opinion, she is the most skilled of the three main characters (Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura). While the "skills" and abilities of Naruto and Sasuke seem to stem from heredity, luck, or other sources (i.e. the Nine-Tailed Fox), Sakura's skills are the result of years of training and hard work. She wasn't naturally strong. She wasn't naturally a medical genius. And in my opinion she wasn't naturally super intelligent. I happen to believe she spent her childhood studying hard. In the later parts of Naruto, Sakura is an incredible young woman who is fiercely loyal to her friends, forgiving of those who have wronged her and sincerely wish to make things right, and dedicated to becoming a strong woman who will fight side-by-side with the best.

WARNING: Spoilers for the first 280 chapters of the Naruto manga follow!

The relationship between Sasori and Sakura is admittedly an unhealthy one, which is in part why I chose the title "Poisonous" for this fanlisting. The relationship is like poison in that it is dangerous and potentially lethal. Sasori and Sakura first met when Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Chiyo (an elderly woman from the Sand village who is actually Sasori's grandmother) try to rescue Gaara from Sasori and Deidara. Naruto and Kakashi go off to fight Deidara, leaving Chiyo and Sakura to face Sasori. At the start of the fight, Sasori obviously underestimates Sakura, whom he calls "little girl". And who could blame him? He's an elite member of Akatsuki and this small fifteen year old girl who has no weapons suddenly appears to fight him. But over the course of the fight, Sasori begins to realize that Sakura is no ordinary "little girl". First, she destroys his puppet Hiruko, which he had been hiding in. Then she shocks him by using an antidote for his poison, which she had made earlier (Sasori says that even he would have to have a detailed, perfect recipe to make an antidote). Durring the fight, Sasori repeatedly makes comments about Sakura's "unnatural strength" and seems to be impressed with her skills, in his own way. He even says that he'd like to turn her into one of his puppets. This is significant because he says later that he won't turn just anyone into a puppet, saying "collections are about quality". Obviously, Sasori found Sakura to be a "quality" ninja.

In the end, Sasori is killed (by Chiyo, not Sakura). As he dies, Sakura expresses that she can't understand why he thinks the way he does and almost seems to pity him. Sasori then attempts to explain his way of thinking to her, and tries to convince her to become like him (a living puppet), saying that it is the only way she would understand him. Just before dying, Sasori gives Sakura some information on Orochimaru as a "reward" for defeating him.

This relationship interests me because for one, Sakura is my second favorite character (behind Rock Lee) and I just don't like a lot of the more popular pairings involving her. I feel that certain characters don't appreciate Sakura or realize how strong she is. In the short time they are together, Sasori becomes fully aware of Sakura's strength and seems to place value on her, even if she is his enemy. I think Sasori would be good for Sakura in that regard. For another thing, Sasori is my favorite Naruto villain and I just feel that he is very sad and lonely deep down. I find it strange that he would choose to explain his feelings to Sakura and even reward her for defeating him in battle.

Don't get me wrong, however. I do not believe they would have a fluffy happy romance, even if Sasori had lived. Even though I find the relationship fascinating, I also think it would be unhealthy. More likely than not, if Sasori hadn't died, he would've turned Sakura into a puppet. Which would be quite disturbing. This is NOT a sweet relationship. But it is very interesting in fandom, and easily the most plausible Sasori het pairing.

Regardless, you are free to join this fanlisting if you are fan of any aspect of their relationship, whether or not you like the possible romantic side of it!