Below are my reasons for liking this pairing. Ginny Seta contributed her reasons here!

Why ZoroxNami? Why do so many people love this pairing? I think a big factor in the appeal is how good they look together. Zoro is (arguably) the sexiest male in the crew. Luffy is cute. Sanji has style. Usopp is funny. But Zoro has a certain sexy quality in the way he moves, the way he’s built, the way he often appears shirtless. XD We girls are generally drawn to the bishounen (pretty boys) in anime. We like the bright eyes, the perfect hair, the gorgeous style. But sometimes a more masculine character like Zoro, with his tanned, buff body and rough attitude, shine through and become more appealing simply for being a little different from what we usually like. And on the other side is Nami, who is one of the most popular subjects for hentai doujinshi. She’s an extremely attractive character, who has always reminded me of Mine Fujiko of Lupin the Third in terms of body shape and facial features (and I’ve always considered Fujiko to be the most beautiful and sexy female in anime). So when you have two characters such at these, it’s a no-brainer to stick them together.

But aesthetics aside, do these two have a chance? I think so. Despite the fact that they argue on occasion, they get along really well, and they can depend on each other. Nami trusts Zoro. This is made evident several times. During the Kuro arc, she risks her life to get his swords to him, only because she believed that he could turn the tide of the battle if he had them. And he does. Several other times, she trusts in his fighting skills and even assures other characters in doubt that Zoro is a strong fighter. Zoro trusts Nami to navigate them. This is demonstrated by his willingness to follow her orders on the sea. While he generally doesn’t seem to like being bossed around, he is happy to follow her command when it comes to directing the ship, because he trusts in her abilities. This trust between the two of them is something that can be built upon.

They also have a few things in common. They’re both good at drinking, and they’re both fairly smart. They’re not naďve like the rest of the crew, best shown in the Whiskey Peak arc, when they are the only two crew members who stay awake. They also have determination in common, willing to sacrifice their lives for their goals. Nami went to great lengths to save her village and make her dreams come true, often putting herself in fatal danger. Zoro sustains wounds that would kill a weaker man, all to keep his promise to a childhood friend and become the best swordsman in the world. Both have lost important people in their past, which has shaped who they became. Both have known loss and pain.

I highly doubt they will ever get together in the actual series (then again, most people didn’t expect Vejita and Buluma of DBZ to end up married with two kids either), but it’s still a fascinating concept to explore in fanfiction, fanart, and doujinshi. It’s just odd enough to be fresh and interesting. And just attractive enough to have fans drooling.

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