Below is a list of moments between Luffy and Nami from the anime and/or manga that make me believe they’re a good couple. Be warned that there are detailed spoilers for the first 206 episodes of the anime and all that’s been released of the manga in English. Enjoy!

1.) In the very first episode, when Luffy and Nami meet for the first time, the scene is extended and emphasized. The way they look at each other, the way the water is flying up by their faces, the way slow-motion is used… it just seems like magic, doesn’t it?

2.) After Luffy and Nami meet formally, Luffy immediately asks her to join his crew. He has no proof that she actually has navigational skills, or is even a decent person, yet he asks her anyway. All we can assume from this is that his instincts told him she was a good navigator, or at the very least, a reliable and useful person. Of course, Nami refuses at first because she hates pirates, but he gradually wins her over.

3.) While captured by the pirate clown Buggy, Luffy is locked in a cage. Buggy commands Nami to fire a canon at Luffy to prove her loyalty, but she hesitates, not wanting to hurt Luffy. When another member of Buggy’s crew lights up the canon, Nami quickly grabs the lighted string, burning her own hands in an attempt to put it out. Luffy’s reaction to this is very cute. He looks so surprised. :D

4.) In a scene shortly following, Nami realizes that the pet store the cute little dog was guarding had been destroyed. No doubt remembering the things pirates had taken from her, she becomes angry at pirates in general. She screams to Luffy that she hates pirates, and he pretty much looks over it, expressing no interest in arguing with her. Finally, in the same sequence, Nami realizes for the first time that maybe, just maybe, all pirates aren’t bad. And the only person who could bring her to this revelation was Luffy. What we see here is the first case of Luffy influencing Nami’s thinking.

5.) After they all go to fight Buggy, Nami opts to leave Luffy and Zoro behind, claiming that the whole fight is none of her business. She runs off to nab up Buggy’s treasure while he’s busy with Luffy. Even though the treasure was the most important thing to her at the time (and with good reason), Nami goes back to help Luffy. She obviously does this because, without meaning to, she had developed an emotional attachment to him. She cared about him. And together, the two of them defeat Buggy and Nami joins the crew.

6.) During the fight with Buggy, Luffy’s prized straw hat was damaged. Knowing that the hat was extremely special to him, Nami takes the time to sew it back up for him after they leave the town, which delights Luffy to no end. This only happened in the manga (in the anime, Nami makes a slight mention of fixing his hat back for him, but is never actually shown doing so), but it was a very cute scene that illustrated the fact that Nami is a girl of many talents, and Luffy appreciates her.

7.) Not much happens between the two of them until the fight with Captain Kuro’s pirates begins. Nami and Usopp try to fight the pirates off until Luffy and Zoro can get there. In the process, Nami is injured. Later, while Luffy is knocked out and Nami is trying to retrieve Zoro’s swords, Jango slices Nami’s shoulder. It creates a nasty looking wound and she bleeds quite a bit. After she finally manages to get Zoro’s swords to him, she makes a run for Luffy, to wake him up. After doing so (by stepping on his face, no less) Luffy is struck by Jango’s weapon (which was intended for Nami). Since he had only then woken up, Luffy seems to think Nami had attacked him, and only calms down and realizes it wasn’t her when she collapses, holding her shoulder. He notices the blood dripping down her arm and expresses concern. She says to him “I’ve done all I can, I leave the rest to you. This is a fight we have to win!” (this line points out the faith she has in Luffy, by the way) Luffy smiles, seemingly happy that Nami is displaying a little heart. Of course, she then adds “We’ve got treasure to protect!” getting an adorably disappointed reaction from Luffy who says something along the lines of “Hmmph. Same old Nami.” What’s so cute about this is that Luffy obviously wanted to believe Nami was a good person, like his instincts probably told him. The fact that Luffy continues to think highly of her no matter what she does comes into play later.

8.) Much later, while the crew is at the Baratie restaurant, Nami takes off with the Going Merry and all the treasure, leaving the crew behind to face powerful enemies. Alone on the ship, Nami thinks about what she has to do, and comments that she wished she could “be with them” longer (them obviously being the crew, including Luffy). She also says something along the lines of “I wonder, when we meet again, will they let me join them?” This displays the fact that Nami had second-thoughts about leaving them, and wanted to be their friend.

9.) After Luffy is informed that Nami had left with the ship and treasure, he expresses very little concern over the loss of the ship, but immediately commands the rest of his crew to go and get Nami back. Zoro has some reservations about going, but Luffy is firm with his decision. To him, Nami was far more valuable than the ship, and Luffy obviously couldn’t imagine going to the Grand Line without her.

10.) Later on, Yosaku comes back to Baratie to tell Luffy what has happened. What Luffy asks him proves how much he cares for Nami. He specifically says “Nami wa? Minna wa?” Which basically translates to “What about Nami? What about the others?” Notice that Nami was the first person he asked about, before asking about anything else. He then leaves to go and get her back.

11.) The next story in the series, known as the Arlong Saga or the Arlong Park Saga, is full of wonderful Luffy/Nami moments. The first of which happens before they even see each other again. Yosaku thinks that Nami has killed Usopp, so he runs to tell Luffy. Instead of listening to what he has to say, Luffy immediately grabs Yosaku and says “I’ll kick your ass if you say that about Nami again!” This again demonstrates Luffy’s faith in Nami. He believes she’s a good person (and we all know she is) even when he has so many reasons not to.

12.) Nami appears very shortly after and commands Luffy and the rest of the crew to leave the island. She tells them she’s one of Arlong’s pirates and that she doesn’t want to be their navigator again. Of course, all of this is a lie simply to get them away from danger. Luffy refuses to even listen to her (in my opinion, I think he just couldn’t bear the thought of her not being his navigator, and so he would not listen to her) and lays down on the ground to take a nap (which also signals to Nami that her telling them to leave had no effect).

13.) A little later, Nami’s sister shows up and begins telling the crew the story of how Nami ended up working for Arlong and how hard it is for her to trust people. Luffy refuses to listen to the story and walks off. Personally, I think Luffy did this out of respect. I’m sure he was curious about it, but I think he viewed it as being none of his business. It was Nami’s personal story, her past. He probably felt that he had no right to hear it. And what’s more, he didn’t need to hear it. He knew, in his heart, that Nami was a good person. If she joined Arlong, she had to have a very good reason. Luffy believed in her without knowing the details.

14.) It is their next moment together that will forever live on as the definitive Luffy/Nami moment. After Nami finds out that Arlong had betrayed her from the very beginning, and that all her work to save her village had been in vain, she breaks down into hysterics, stabbing her own arm where the tattoo (symbolizing her affiliation with Arlong) was placed repeatedly, Luffy steps in. He takes the knife from her (to stop her from further hurting herself), and simply refuses when she (again) commands him to leave. Finally, tears break loose from Nami’s eyes and she turns to look over her shoulder at Luffy. With a small, sad voice, she says “Luffy... help me!” Without a word, Luffy takes off his precious straw hat and presses it onto Nami’s head. This is perhaps the most significant thing he has ever done for her. For one, Luffy is overprotective of that hat. He freaks out if anyone tries to put it on. But here he literally puts it on someone else. Secondly, it proves that Luffy recognized that Nami was in pain, and wanted to comfort her. He no doubt remembered a time when he was emotionally distraught, and what comforted him was Shanks putting the hat on him. He figured a similar tactic could work for Nami (and it apparently did, she wears the hat for the remainder of the story arc). After that, Luffy yells out loudly “Of course I will!”, his answer to her plea.

15.) So Luffy heads off to beat the hell out of Arlong, someone he’s never even met. Usually, a villain will attack or insult Luffy to initiate a fight. Normally, Luffy has seen the villain at work and knows first-hand that he’s a bad guy. But for the first time, Luffy goes right up to someone and attacks them without knowing anything at all about them. When Arlong asks who Luffy is and what he’s doing, Luffy answers with “You made our navigator cry!” So that’s it. That’s the only reason Luffy needed. He didn’t need to know what Arlong had actually done to make her cry, all he knew was that Arlong had hurt Nami somehow. That’s all that mattered. This is the first time we see just how protective Luffy is of Nami.

16.) In the midst of the fight, we see Nami (wearing Luffy’s hat) bandaging up her arm and racing off to help Luffy. Despite the fact that she’s not exactly the best fighter of the group, she couldn’t sit back and let Luffy and the others do everything, without even being there. So Nami appreciates what Luffy has done for her.

17.) Later in the battle, Luffy ends up getting thrown into the very room Nami had been forced to live in while working for Arlong. Looking around at the thousands of maps Nami had obviously drawn over the years, the full horror of what Nami had lived through dawns on Luffy. Arlong follows into the room and confirms what Luffy had already figured out, that Nami had been more a slave than a crewmate, and Arlong had used her for everything she was worth. Luffy picks up a blood-stained pen, undoubtedly realizing that Nami had suffered unimaginable abuse in Arlong’s care, and his anger rises. It is probably the angriest we’ve ever seen Luffy, as he begins trashing the room and all of the maps Nami had made against her will. He destroys everything, his own way of setting Nami free once and for all (complimented by Nami standing outside watching, saying a silent thank you), and proceeds to defeat Arlong. After the battle, the crew spends a couple of days in Nami’s village celebrating, during which Nami makes her decision to join Luffy’s crew, this time for real.

18.) For the next few of story arcs, there is little interaction between Luffy and Nami that goes beyond the typical conversation and adventures. However, when Nami suddenly becomes ill, Luffy becomes her caretaker. I think these episodes are more supportive of the Luffy/Nami relationship than any other, including the Arlong Saga. First of all, when Nami first collapses on the deck, Vivi immediately informs the rest of the crew. Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp are particularly concerned. As the episode progresses, Luffy continuously makes suggestions for getting Nami well again (of course, none of these suggestions are very good, but they’re at least attempts on his part). One of the cutest moments is when Vivi makes them understand the severity of the situation, telling them that Nami could die if not treated. The three boys fly into hysterics, screaming, crying, and saying things like “Nooo! Nami can’t die!”

19.) For the next few episodes, it is Luffy who stays with Nami most of the time, watching over her and trying desperately to make her laugh. He does various strange things with his rubber abilities (tying his ears around his chin and such) and also paints weird shapes on his face as well, becoming more worried with each failed attempt to make her smile. And when Sanji announces that there is a new island in sight, Luffy (who is always the most excited about seeing new islands) does not leave Nami’s side until Zoro assures him that he will stay and watch Nami.

20.) Once they arrive at the island, the villagers stop them and tell them to turn back. It seems they have a problem with pirates and don’t want to let any more in. After some arguing, Vivi is shot (the bullet only grazes her shoulder) and Luffy becomes angry, moving to attack. Vivi stops him and reminds him that Nami desperately needs a doctor, and no one will help them if they use violence. Setting aside the way he always does things, Luffy gets on his knees and bows to the villagers, begging them to bring a doctor to help Nami. Seeing his sincerity, the villagers let them in. This scene was so touching because it probably took a lot for Luffy to humble himself to that degree. Up till this point, Luffy has solved nearly every problem with some form of violence. But to save Nami, he was willing to change that tactic.

21.) Once inside the village, they lay Nami in a bed inside a house. They are informed that the only doctor on the island lives at the top of a huge, incredibly steep mountain. Luffy wastes no time deciding that he’ll take Nami up the mountain to see the doctor. When someone comments that Nami couldn’t handle the trip, he quickly says “I’ll carry her.” The crew still tells Luffy that it would be too dangerous, and the issue isn’t decided until Nami speaks up, telling them that she wants Luffy to take her to the doctor, once again expressing her faith in him. Luffy happily gives her a “high-five” and prepares for the journey.

22.) Luffy carries Nami on his back, being tied together at the waist. Sanji volunteers to go with them, and when they are attacked by giant man-eating rabbits (if you haven’t seen this… don’t ask), Sanji reminds Luffy that he can’t attack or be attacked without risking damage to Nami. So once again, Luffy must set aside his normal tactics. He begins running from fights instead of facing them, for the sake of Nami. During the journey, Luffy takes off his coat (the only protection he had against the cold) and drapes it over Nami. He eventually has to climb up the steep mountain carrying Nami on his back and Sanji by his teeth. Once he is discovered by the doctor Kureha and her assistant Chopper, Luffy makes it clear that saving Nami and Sanji is more important that saving himself.

23.) Sometime after this, the crew heads out for Alabasta. Along the way they meet Mr. Two (whom they do not realize is an enemy at first; likewise I don't think he realizes that they are his enemies either), who has the ability to change his form into anyone he has come into direct contact with. He entertains the crew by turning into each of them, but when he changes into Nami, he turns to Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper, opens up his shirt and says "Even the body changes!" essentially flashing the boys. Now the expected reaction from Luffy is a blank stare and to wonder what the big deal is, but in this scene Luffy reveals that yes, he does have hormones. His reaction is the same as the other boys, his eyes bug out and he lets out an excited "Whoo!" (earning Mr. Two a punch from Nami).

24.) Later, in a similar scene, the existance of Luffy's hormones are proven again. After the long battles in Alabasta, the crew relaxes in the royal public bath. The guys (including the King and Ikaramu) are goofing off and relaxing, when Sanji suddenly asks where the girls' bath is. The king (Vivi's father) does not hesitate to point to a wall and say "On the other side". All of the guys (excluding Zoro, who is either extremely decent or extremely stupid) climb up and lean over the wall to peek at Vivi and Nami. While Vivi has a towel wrapped around her, Nami only has one across her lap. When she realizes all the boys are watching, she at first seems angry, but then sighs and says "All right, this will cost you a thousand berries..." She stands up and drops the towel, completely revealing herself to them. All of them, including Luffy (and even Chopper and the Camel that had been hanging around with them) explode into massive nose-bleeds and collapse on their side of the wall, leaving a very amused Nami on the other side. In case anyone doesn't know, nose-bleeds are a very typical gag in anime/manga to demonstrate being turned on. The fact that Luffy gets one too shows that he at least has some attraction to Nami.

25.) After Alabasta, there are several character-related filler episodes. In Nami's episode, a strange salesman appears on their ship with lots of interesting items but sky-high prices. Nami is interested in some high-quality paper that can be used for making maps (remember that Nami's dream is to make a map of the entire world). Through some funny circumstances, she ends up getting the paper for free, and retreats into the ship to begin drawing maps. But before she does, she commands the rest of the crew to be quiet and not disturb her. Of course, this can't work out, and Luffy ends up crashing into the room at one point and totally screwing up her map. When she becomes enraged, no one seems to understand why she's so angry, except Luffy. I think it's interesting that he's the only crew member who remembered what Nami's dream was, and understood why the maps were so important to her. He becomes quiet, bows and apologizes. Later, Luffy even seems a little depressed because Nami was still mad at him. But of course, they all make up in the end.

26.) The crew eventually comes to an island called Jaya, where they wish to find some information about a rumored "Sky Island". Nami instructs everyone to not cause any trouble because it would make it harder to gather information. She, Zoro, and Luffy walk into a bar, and Luffy is attacked by a violent and seemingly tough pirate. Nami screams for Luffy not to fight, and hurries to ask the bartender about the Sky Island. When she asks this, the entire bar erupts into laughter, making fun of her for believing in what they view as a fairytale. This humiliates Nami, and she gives Luffy permission to go aheand and fight. However, Luffy does not fight, and commands Zoro to do the same. The two of them take a pretty brutal beating, without ever fighting back (they were proving a point). Nami is horrified, and when the violent attackers invite her to join them, she quickly says "Joining you would be a waste of my talents" before picking up Luffy and Zoro and dragging them out of the bar. For a long time afterward, Nami is furious at Luffy and Zoro (and pretty much everyone else...) because of that incident. Obviously, she was angry because they had allowed themselves to be hurt so badly, and she doesn't like seeing them hurt.

27.) The Skypeia arc begins several episodes later, and it has several adorable Luffy/Nami moments. The first is humorous. They they arrive on Angel Beach, two friendly residents show them a small water-based vehicle called a Waver. Luffy immediately tries it out, but wrecks it very quickly. The residents them inform them that it takes nearly ten years to master the Waver. Suddenly Nami tries out the Waver, and everyone (especially the Angel Beach residents) is surprised that she can control it perfectly. Adorably, Luffy is at first very impressed by her skill, but slowly becomes jealous when she continues to ride it expertly, even after the others leave the beach and go into town. Several times, Luffy goes and watches Nami from the window, and pouts because she's so much better at it than him.

28.) Lots of things happen in Skypeia, but the LuffyxNami moments are mostly condensed into the latter part of the story. The major Villain Eneru takes down pretty much everyone aside from Luffy (who was trapped inside a giant snake, and was unaware of most of what was going on) and Nami (who was basically the only person smart enough not to attack Eneru). The villain said he wanted to take the five remaining people with him (to where, I was never quite sure...), but after the others attacked him (and were subsequently defeated), Nami was all that remained and she wisely agreed to go with him, believing that agreeing to his orders would give her time to figure out what to do. When Luffy finally escapes from the snake, he is horrified to discover that everyone had been beaten. When Robin wakes up, he rushes to her and his first question is "Where's Nami? I don't see her!" Instead of asking about anyone else, or tending to Zoro or Chopper or Robin, his first concern is Nami. And when Robin tells Luffy that Eneru has taken Nami away, he rushes off immediately to find them.

29.) Eneru takes Nami to his huge flying ship, and when Luffy appears, she is so happy to see him that she nearly bursts into tears. And it's not that she hadn't seen him in a long time, she had met up with him inside the snake only a few scenes before this. It was because she had faith that he would save her and turn things around. Still yet, she yelled for Luffy to be careful, worried for his safety because she knew how powerful Eneru was.

30.) At first, it seems as if Luffy is winning the battle, but Eneru turns out to be tougher than they thought, and turns the tide of the fight again. Nami becomes worried and frightened when the ship begins to fly, and Luffy gives her courage by tossing her his hat. It should be noted that Luffy has only deliberately given his hat to another person on two occasions, and both of those times, he has given it to Nami. If anyone else touches it, he becomes angry or snatches it back rather quickly. Giving her the hat was a kind gesture. As I said before, Luffy equates the hat with comfort. It also shows more trust and understanding between Luffy and Nami. Luffy trusted her to take care of the hat, which she did, because she understood its importance to him.

31.) After Luffy is knocked off the ship, Nami is left alone again. Terrified, she ponders her situation. She knew that she could go with Eneru and be relatively safe. As long as she agreed with him, he wouldn't kill her. But Nami didn't want to do that. While gripping Luffy's hat tightly, she says something along the lines of "If I go with you, I'll have nothing." I interpret this to mean that she would be all alone and without her friends (and more pointedly, without her Captain). She then attaches Luffy's hat to the waistband of her pants and begins her escape attempt (interestingly, Nami does a better job of warding off Eneru's lightning attacks than anyone else besides Luffy, fighting them off with her own weather-based weapon and then dodging, making her the only character in the story arc that was never struck by his attack).

32.) Nami is eventually helped by Usopp and Sanji, but Luffy is unaware of this. He fights his way back toward Eneru's ship, one of the main reasons being to rescue Nami (the other was plainly and simply to kick Eneru's ass). When Nami finally makes it back to the others, she is informed that Luffy went off to rescue her. She grabs her Waver and zooms off to go get him, rushing into danger for his sake.

33.) When Nami catches up to Luffy, she begs him to just leave the island, to escape with her. She's worried that he'll be killed. Luffy refuses, telling her to escape without him. He continues trying to climb up the giant beanstalk to reach Eneru's ship, despite being knocked back down everytime. Finally, Nami tells Luffy to climb onto the back of her Waver, and she drives him up to the top of the beanstalk, enabling him to jump from the Waver and reach Eneru, defeating him in the process.

34.) Afterward, the whole island is celebrating and partying (and trust me, no one can party as hard as the Straw Hat pirates). Everyone eventually falls asleep, except for Luffy, who sneaks around until he finds Nami. He wakes her up, and excitedly informs her of his plans to steal all the gold and leave the island quickly. Although they eventually break into a very comical argument (both were mad at the other for talking too loud and waking up the island residents), it was cute that Nami was the first person Luffy wanted to tell about his plans (probably because he knows how money-hungry she is, which demonstrates again that he understands her all too well).

I’m sure there are many more wonderful moments between these two, but that’s all I’ve seen of the anime so far. As I see more, I’ll add to this list. If you’d like to contribute some “moments” for this list, please e-mail them to me here (put “Luffy/Nami” in the subject line please!).

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