Past Layouts:

Interested in what some of the past layouts have looked like? You may be horrified, but here they are. Please note that the first nine layouts were made before I got Photoshop, so they were made in MS Paint (oh the horror!). You can notice a signficant change, I hope. XD This is pretty much the past four years of my webdesign growth. Also note that version ten was made with plain old Photoshop Elements, whereas version eleven on are made with Photoshop CS2.

Version 1: Untitled
I like to call it the Red Version. Now the links all have different designs, but they were all formerly red-ish. This layout was the first one I made for and was extremely simple. It features Asuka of Evangelion.

Version 2.0: Enchantment
This layout featured Kaguya of Planet Ladder, and basically had an enchanting/castles/roses/princesses theme to it. I ended up hating it and thinking it was far too gaudy.

Version 3//Tropical Pink
I actually liked this layout. I made it for summer, featuring Adachi Momo of Peach Girl. I loved the colors and the way it came together, and I ADORED the drop-down menus. They were so convenient.

Version 4 + Twilight Stasis
This was one of the first times that I had no idea how the layout was supposed to look until it all came together. I honestly had no visual idea for it, so I just played around for a while until this popped up. I liked the simple image map and the fact that it was a non-anime layout. It featured Kiriyama Kazuo (played by Ando Masanobu) of "Battle Royale".

Version 005*Singin' to the Stars
This layout wasn't up very long, despite the fact that I kinda liked it. Really, I just liked the main page, but hated all the others. ^^; The theme was Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter of Sailor Moon. I'd just finished re-watching Sailor Stars and had a new found love of Seiya. This layout reflected that. And it had a nifty drop-down menu, which is always nice.

Version 06: Rose Garden
I hate, hate, hate this layout. First of all, I had to rip my Legend of Basara DVD set apart just to get to the picture I used so that I could scan it, then I had to do a system restoration (which reset my resolution) and found out the layout looked like crap in every resolution except the one I use. :/ Not to mention the fact that all the graphics took a long time to make, and didn't even look good in the end. This layout was just a mess from start to finish. ;.;

Version 7// Fade to White
This was my absolute favorite layout so far. It featured Stephen Fung, my favorite Chinese actor (who happens to be a singer, songwriter, and director!). I loved the picture and the simplicity of the layout. I liked the fact that it was small and compact, fitting neatly into a corner. My only problem with it was the fact that the text frame was so small. Otherwise, I loved it, and I kinda miss it already. ^^;

Version 08: Ninja Funk
This layout was extremely simple, featuring Hisui from the manga Flame of Recca. I had always loved the chibi-style image of her that appeared on the back of my graphic novel. So one day after reading way too much Naruto and getting into the Ninja craze, I scanned the image and used it for a layout. Not the most complicated or detailed layout (but when have I ever made one of those?), but it was cute.

Version Nine\Zombie Monk
I loved this layout, which is pretty obvious by the fact that I left it up forever. It featured Niga Pan (or Van) from the Korean manga series "Island". It was my favorite image ever, and I think it fit together nicely. Pretty good considering I made it in MS Paint. o.o

Version Ten:::Take me Home
This layout didn't last too long, but I loved it anyway. It was super duper simple and featured the lovely Rinali from D.Gray-Man. Not a whole lot to say about it other than it was simple. XD

Take Eleven: This is my Scheming Face...
Whee, my homage to the eternally awesome Jack Spicer of Xiaolin Showdown. Admit it, you love him too. DON'T LIE! Anyway, it was a pretty simple layout, my first using an Iframe (yes, my first!).

Version Twelve + Guardian Angel
Words can't express how proud I was of this layout when I first made it. It was my first time using brushes that didn't come with Photoshop. XD I still love it, and I think it turned out great. The color scheme was different from my usual stuff and it just came together exactly how I imagined. It featured Shana in Dragoon form from the video game "The Legend of Dragoon".

Version 13: The World is Not Enough
I love love love this layout. It was a different kind of layout for me. It featured a beautiful picture of Kuzunoha Mana and Natsume Shin from the manga series Tenjoh Tenge. It was such a sad, subtle, powerful image that really left me breathless, so I had to use it. It was colored by a friend of mine. I only left it up for a little over a month, despite my love for it. :/

Version 14: Winter Wonderland
I loved this layout but I sort of think no one else did. XD It was pretty much unviewable in 800x600 but it looked good in higher resolutions. It featured Nicholas Tse, my all-time favorite actor. He's also a singer, and is currently the most beautiful human being walking the earth right now. This was also a winter-themed layout, thus the blues and whites. I had to actually draw the top of Nic's head/hoodie here, so I was sort of proud of that. XD

Version 15: The Moon and the Cherry Blossoms
This layout was left up a long time. I really loved it when I first made it, but I grew tired of it pretty quickly. I just took forever to change it because I was busy making fanlistings and I had trouble finding a picture to use for the next layout. Anyways, it featured Mitsuki and Eichi of the adorably heartbreaking manga series Full Moon wa Sagashite. Man did those two characters make me cry a lot. ;.;