Special People:

Wife; strike3.nu

Ru: My best online friend, someone I've known now for many years. We met on the old GWFF, fled to the Gumi, then migrated together to Livejournal. Our domains have been affiliated for as long as I can remember (for years she was my only domain affie XD) and from the start we've always jokingly referred to each other as a spouse. XD Together, we were the first ones to talk about the Cloud/Yuffie pairing publically, the first ones to write about it and draw it. We're also among the few and the proud to appreciate the glory of Flame of Recca and the Recca/Fuuko pairing. Ru has always been there to read my crappy zombie stories and fangirl over Freddy Kreuger with me. And someday we'll get around to making the most disturbing horror comic ever. WAIT FOR IT.

Rachel; twilight-angel.net

Rachel: My real life sister and next-door neighbor. We like all the same quirky, bizarre things. She's my Resident Evil buddy and one of the very few friends I have who appreciates Sailor Moon. We've been through a lot together and share a lot of the same problems. This is the person I watch most of my creepy Asian horror flicks with, and squee over Nicholas Tse with. She also happens to be the master of all things Silent Hill (which I'll get around to playing... someday). Did I mention we have the same taste... in everything?


Kristel; lovelovesugar.com Krile; wyndia.net Clover; rose-tainted.net