Domain Information: was purchased in July of 2002 (sadly, I don't remember the exact date anymore). I've never changed the name and never switched hosts, so you could say I'm very happy with this little domain. I'm hosted by and my name is registered with Godaddy.

"Clinically-cynical" was something I came up with a couple of years before purchasing the domain, when I planned to make an essay site. I never made it, but when it came time to choose a name for my domain, this immediately popped into my head and the rest is history. I still think it sounds cute after all these years. XD

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The current layout stars Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. It's a little strange that I never cared for her in Card Captor Sakura, and actually didn't care for Tsubasa in general until it hit volume fifteen. But now I'm glad I stuck it out (initially in the hopes of seeing the likes of Subaru and Kamui again, then later because I honestly grew to love the characters). Sakura has grown so much as a character, even discounting her CCS days. She began as a typical "save me" princess and evolved into a strong and complex young woman.

Layout was made in Adobe Photoshop CS2, written in Notepad and uploaded with Coffeecup FTP. raphics and coding were made by me. Please do not steal.


Here is the obligitory disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures and/or characters seen on this site. This is a fansite created for entertainment purposes. No profit is made from this site.

I do, however, own the layout and content. Please do not take them for any reason. Also, the characters/images in the original stories on Macabre Clinic belong soley to me. Steal at your own risk.

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